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User Spotlight

Enlightra x TofuPilot: 100x Faster

Scaling deep tech hardware for mass production is notoriously challenging. But when your technology has the potential to change the world, you are compelled to do it right and fast.

Charlotte Evéquoz

Co-Founder & Solution Manager


TofuPilot Supported by Innosuisse

We're excited to share a significant milestone for TofuPilot: we've secured initial coaching support from Innosuisse, Switzerland's innovation agency.

Julien Buteau

Co-Founder & CEO


TofuPilot Selected by Venture Kick

We have got some great news: TofuPilot has been selected by Venture Kick! It's a big moment for us, and we're really grateful for this opportunity.

Julien Buteau

Co-Founder & CEO