TofuPilot Selected by Venture Kick

We have got some great news: TofuPilot has been selected by Venture Kick! It's a big moment for us, and we're really grateful for this opportunity.


Julien Buteau

1 min read

Venture Kick is known for spotting and supporting promising startups, and being chosen by them is a real honor. It shows that our hard work is paying off and that we're on the right track with our project.

This selection is more than just recognition - it gives us a confidence boost and opens up new resources and networks that are vital for our growth. It's good news for our users too, showing that we're committed to providing solutions that really work.

A big thank you to everyone who's supported us - our dedicated team, our users, and our partners. Your belief in what we're doing has been crucial. We're excited to keep improving TofuPilot and empowering hardware innovators as they bring their ideas to life.

Read the press release here.

Check our Venture Kick profile here.

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