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Today, we're excited to announce a significant change: we are now TofuPilot.

TofuPilot - Logo Reveal

Julien Buteau

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Over the last few months, we've met over a hundred ambitious hardware teams working on complex multi-disciplinary products like autonomous robots, spacecraft, and medical devices. We've heard their feedback. Traditional industrial solutions do not match their speed. They're not user-friendly, lack flexibility, and simply don't fit modern development workflows. On the other hand, using generic collaboration tools creates a lot of unstructured data that's hard to manage, analyse, and connect, slowing down progress as projects develop and your teams expand.

This inspired us to develop a new platform that is accessible, user-friendly, and tailored to meet modern hardware development needs. As we progressed, we realized our name should reflect this departure from traditional industrial solutions. We searched for a name that felt accessible, embodied our mission to help you succeed, and was distinctive and memorable within the tech community. TofuPilot encapsulates our innovative and collaborative spirit, making the platform more approachable to engineers and other project members alike.

TofuPilot - Mascot
TofuPilot - Mascot

Our new name is accompanied by this adorable mascot, for which our community is already seeking the best name. We believe you'll enjoy seeing it every day - and hope it brings you comfort during the toughest moments of hardware development.

For our existing users, the transition to TofuPilot will be straightforward. Our new website,, is now live. Our previous domain will remain active for a few more days to ensure a smooth transition to our new site.

Welcome aboard TofuPilot.

Let's keep building.

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